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Our commitment to a superior customer experience shines through no matter the service!



Carpet Cleaning

Extend the life of your investment with deep cleaning, detailed spotting and edging. Our proven approach uses a combination of steam cleaning with high power extraction and very effective, eco friendly cleaning products.

And your carpet is always dry
the same day!

Upholstery Cleaning

Revive and refresh worn, tired upholstery. Our approach can make all of the difference in your furniture! There's a delicate balance to expertly cleaning upholstery, and we have the know-how to not only effectively lift wear, but to also maintain fabric integrity. 


In Home Rug Cleaning

We can safely and effectively clean area rugs right in your home at a fraction of the cost compared to pick up and drop off services. Remove pet odors and stains to keep your investment looking it's best!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Bring your tile & grout back to it's original luster. We apply our powerful pre-spray that cuts through tough grime, agitate to loosen ground in soils, then use a high pressure wand to blast through and extract all the gunk—revealing the beauty of your tile and grout beneath!

tile and grout cleaning.jpg
Carpet Cleaning Sparta 1_edited.jpg

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We'll help keep you presentable to your customers! Get rid of heavy wear and tear in your office or business location—image is everything!  Our equipment and cleaning products are both safe and effective for reception areas, churches, daycares, retirement homes and more.

Water Extraction
& Dryout

Water does a lot of damage very fast. Quick and appropriate action make the difference in being able to save the space or having to tear everything out. We will do everything we can to keep your cost low and will never rush in and demo your space, if it does not have to be. Honesty and experience will always get you out ahead in a flood situation.

Image by Jorge Vasconez
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